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Below are the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. Click on the Image for larger view.
You can see the additions to each property as time goes by.

The house is located at 1221 S. Louisiana & West 13th.


1892 1897 1913 1939


1889:  The house can be seen with one story porches on rear and a 1 1/2 story mid-section
            Also no out building at rear of property
            The First Baptist Church has been built as well as a home at 1215 Louisiana.
            The 1200 block on Main Street has houses
            112 West 13th is a one story Victorian cottage

1892:   Only change is out building is gone

1897:   Addition on a one story porch on the North side and at the rear

1913:   No change but notice the large Victorian homes on the West side of the street.
            112 West 13th has new additions

1939:  1215 Louisiana has been torn down.
            1221 has been redesigned to house the five apartments
            A new four car garage has been built with a tile roof
            112 West 13th has a new structure replacing the cottage
            Three of the large Victorian homes have been razed to house the New First Baptist Church
            Homes on 1200 of Main have given way to commercial buildings